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DNA Analysis




  • DNA Analysis According to the Individual Offer
  • With your order, you give your consent to create a DNA profile of the sample that you sent, including from your mouth swab. The laboratory compares the DNA of your forensic sample with the DNA of your mouth swab. By ordering, you declare that the test is being conducted with the consent of all individuals being tested.



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If the test result is positive (i.e., sperm can be detected), the question often is: “Whose sperm is it?”
To avoid getting a false positive test result, you should not have had sexual contact with your partner for several days before the test. By creating a DNA profile from the trace, we can determine whether female DNA, male DNA, or a mixed trace (i.e., female and male DNA) was detected. A DNA match can be made with reference samples (e.g., a mouth swab) if you want to be certain that you are not the person who left the trace.
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