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Tinder Check




  • Tinder Check: Search whether your partner is active on Tinder
  • Required Search Specifications: Name, age, city, and picture for comparison
  • Results: After the test, you will receive a report by email.

Notes on the search/match/no matches: We conduct an exact search with the above specifications. If there are no matches, we extend the search. The name is not considered, and age is extended by +/- 1 year.

If we get a match, we will send you an overview of the profile pictures and how current the information in the profile is.

If there is no match, your partner might not be active on Tinder. Alternatively, they may be active in another city, have a different age, or be utilizing discovery mode on Tinder.
Furthermore, a match will be excluded if there is no picture matching possible because no one can be identified in the picture.