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Semen Detection Test HomeKit




  • Includes one test strip, one pipette, two tubes with buffer solution, sterile cotton swabs, and instructions
  • Immediate result within 10 minutes (excl. two hours waiting time)
  • Test usable only once
  • Semen Detection Test HomeKit: Detected from 1 µl seminal fluid
  • Does not detect PSA
  • No cross-reaction as (i.e., as with usual PSA tests) with other body fluids or animal semen
  • Neutral shipment

Notes: The right of withdrawal will not apply for sealed goods that you have opened and cannot be returned due to hygiene or health protection if their seal is removed following delivery. The box shown in the product images is not part of the delivery.



I have found clothing, laundry, or another sample on which there are white stains. Could it be semen?

The stains may or may not be traces of semen.
To confirm, we recommend that you order our semen detection test.

When do you recommend a semen detection test?

If you suspect that your partner has had unprotected sexual relations with another man, this can be detected by our semen detection test. The best samples for the test are underwear or slip protection that your partner wore after sexual contact.

Is the Semen Detection Test HomeKit easy to use?

The test can be conducted easily, as our instructions will support you during each step. You can read the result as easily as a pregnancy test. If you have any problems interpreting your result, you are welcome to send us a photo of the result by email so that we can help you.

How long does the Semen Detection Test HomeKit take to complete?

The test takes a maximum of 2.5 hours (including two hours waiting time). 

Which materials can I test?

You can test textiles or other objects on which you suspect sperm traces.
The sample should not have been washed before a semen detection test or touched extensively by others for a DNA comparison.

I touched the sample. Is a semen detection test and DNA comparison still possible?

If you touched the sample, a sperm detection test can still be conducted without any problems and will not affect the result.
If you do not touch the sample too much, primarily where the trace is located, then a DNA comparison will also be possible.

How much does a Sperm Detection Test and DNA comparison cost?

Sperm Detection Test HomeKit: $139

Sperm Detection Test Lab: $214 per sample.

DNA Analysis: Price Available upon Request

What can I do if traces of semen have been detected?

If the test result is positive (i.e., sperm can be detected), the question often is: “Whose sperm is it?”
To avoid getting a false positive test result, you should not have had sexual contact with your partner for several days before the test. By creating a DNA profile from the trace, we can determine whether female DNA, male DNA, or a mixed trace (i.e., female and male DNA) was detected. A DNA match can be made with reference samples (e.g., a mouth swab) if you want to be certain that you are not the person who left the trace.

Is a DNA comparison possible after the semen detection test?

A DNA comparison with a reference sample (e.g., a mouth swab) is possible after a positive semen detection test. We will send you instructions by email on how you use the mouth swab.

A semen detection test will be still possible even after years, provided that the sample has been stored dry and not washed.

I would like to order the Semen Detection Test HomeKit. Can anyone see by the packaging that I have ordered a semen detection test?

No. We package the Semen Detection Test HomeKit in a neutral way without a directly identifiable sender.