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Phone Test




  • Number of calls: up to 2 calls (max. call duration 30 minutes/call)
  • The test will be processed within 2 weeks, with express processing available. (additional costs)
  • After the test, you will receive a report by email



Is your partner often on the phone making calls? In that case, the loyalty test by phone is a a quick way to determine whether your partner is interested in flirting. We will discuss with you in advance if the call should be a "random" one or if we should contact your partner “directly." Our tests are conducted with a normal smartphone so that the individual being tested can call back at any time. Our loyalty testers are highly specialized, and you will receive a summary of the conversation afterwards by email.

Customer Reviews

I have ended this toxic relationship and wanted to thank you again for how quickly, easily, and professionally it all went. It was a very big help to me to get security.
I will definitely recommend you guys. Thank you so much for everything.
Many thanks to Ms. Kersten and your team for your discreet work. My partner cheated on me a few years ago and I have forgiven him. The loyalty tester helped me find the certainty finally and to trust my partner again. He has learned from his misstep.
I would like to thank you and your team again so much!
Despite the separation, I am so incredibly relieved and grateful that I finally know what was going on.
If I hadn't it in black and white, I wouldn't believe that a person was capable of playing such games.
hank you very much—you are doing a great job!

Pro Tip

As a loyalty expert, I recommend that you combine the phone test with SMS/WhatsApp messages to win trust through authenticity. This will be achieved not only with the tester's voice, but also with a profile picture. In combination with our express package for a very quick start of the test, you get certainty even faster.

What we offer

24/7 Online

Order your loyalty test easily online 24/7.


We guarantee the discreet handling of your loyalty test.


Express Handling: Your test starts within 12, 24, or 36 hours after receiving payment.


Pay safely with: Apple Pay, PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer.


How many calls does the phone test include?
The phone test includes two calls (max. 30min/call).

How does the tester contact my partner?

The contact can be at random or direct. With the random variant, it is an “accident” (e.g., mistake in numbers, old contact in an old mobile phone, etc.). With direct contact, you tell us where the tester may have seen the individual being tested.

What will happen if my partner tries to contact the tester by message?

If you have not ordered a SMS/WhatsApp test, we will inform you about the contact as soon as possible. Then you can decide whether you want to order the SMS/WhatsApp test.


What additional services can I order with my phone test?

You can order the following additional services for your phone test: express handling, requesting a specific date, video call and, contacting with a foreign language and number.

Can I choose the tester?

Discretion is important to us. For this reason, it is not possible for you to choose a tester yourself. When ordering, you can provide information about the appearance, age, and interests of the tester, and we will select a tester who matches your information as closely as possible. We have over 3,000 testers in our database and this number is growing daily. We have women and men from 18 to 70 years old, all with different looks and interests.

What proof do I receive and how long do I have to wait for the test results?

You will receive a report based on a memory record of the tester by email. You will receive the report as soon as we can provide you with the relevant evidence. Usually, you will receive the report within 14 businesses days, with interim reports being sent in advance, if necessary. If you choose the express service, your test will begin within 12, 24, or 36 hours, depending on the chosen package, after we have received your payment. You will also receive your report sooner.

How does the test conclude?

Depending on the messages, the test can be concluded without comment, and the individual being tested can be blocked. Alternatively, you can let us know if the test should be ended under a certain pretext.

Do you reveal that the conversation was a loyalty test at the end?

We do not reveal that the conversation was a loyalty test under any circumstances, regardless of the outcome. We leave it up to you to decide if you want to confront your partner with the result.